Océane Bruel © All Rights Reserved

Collaboration with Dylan Ray Arnold

Documentation of works presented in Head & Shoulders, a group exhibition with Iiris Kaarlehto & Inka Kynkaanniemi, Emma Jaaskelainen & Lasse Juuti, at Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Head & Shoulders brings together works from three collaborative practices.
The exhibition is an invitation to the shared nature of living and leaving. We are at home, at your place, the waiting room, the port or beyond, saturated with stories, kind of ruins. Couches are common words. We can store our affects in and share the cloud above. While we still have hair, let’s use our hands. Head & Shoulders nourishes, takes care, heals and irritates. A collective vision is a precarious moving composition.

Océane and Dylan present a selection of works which move around the corporeality of traveling and mobile bodies. Departing from their own experiences Océane and Dylan chew ambivalent systems, images and materialities of contemporary mobility. These anxieties and desires fold into sculptural installations and consumed phrases.

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